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Sales Manager Becomes British Dragan Champion

May 31, 2012


By Michael Hoppitt

Breaking News…..

Following on from our recent story in April, Motorbike Sales Manager Phil Byerley has realized his dream of becoming the Dragan Challenge Sprint champion, beating all-comers from across the country, and even going up against legendary strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski.

On the 19th of May 2012, Phil completed his 2 year journey to become British champion, earning the title of Britain’s Fastest Endurance Lifter, competing on the main stage in front of a crowd of over 400 people at the NEC Body Power event in Birmingham, a 2 day international fitness bonanza. 

For the Dragan Challenge Sprint competition, competitors must lift a 20kg dumbbell from having their arms straight down by their sides, curling it up to their shoulder, then finally pressing it up over their head until their arms are straight, doing one arm after the other, for a lung and muscle busting 100 reps.  

To win the overall championship, Phil had to endure two grueling rounds of this with just 30 minutes rest in-between, against the best fellow lifters in the country and guest athletes trying to test their mettle.

Phil won the semi final in an amazing 3 minutes 24 seconds, dashing the dreams of four other regional champions. In the final, he was pitted against 3 of Britain’s best lifters Nuno Barretto , Mick Swickbank and Kurt Hoffman, both Mick and Kurt former team British Champions for the North of England and Nuno the star of Southern Britain in 2011.

In an adrenaline filled effort, and roared on by the strong Midlands contingent in the crowd Phil pulled ahead in the final last few reps hanging on to win the British Finals in an awe-inspiring 3 minutes 14 seconds, and was elated to have finally realized his dream.

Five-time Worlds Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski came on stage to congratulate Phil and present him with his prizes, including a generous £500 worth of Maximuscle products.

Phil say’s “my adrenaline was pumping all day and then to win was absolutely amazing, I felt so much pride and it was such a great honour to receive my prizes from Marius and then lift against him”

The crowd was then delighted and cheering when Phil and Mariusz picked up the dumbells for an encore and lifted for another 30 reps or so.

When asked what his next challenge will be, Phil said “it’s time to relax for the time being after the intense training over the past few months, and wait and see what challenges come along next. I’d also like to say a big thank-you to everyone who’s helped and supported me, all my family and friends, and everyone at CIA.

Watch this space for Sales Manager Phil Byerley’s next great physical feat!



Here is a small piece from the Dragan Challenge website…

Mens SPRINT finals 2012

Men’s elite 20kg sprint (100 reps) was the first time that athletes were required to get through a semi – final before completing another 100 reps for their GRAND FINAL, meaning that both endurance and power would be tested to their max. Winner Phil Byerley smashed out a winning time of 3min 14 to not only beat all his competitors, but also beat all previous best times set at LA Fitness clubs across the country in 2012!

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If you are struggling to pay your rent, take action immediately!

October 28, 2011


If you are struggling to pay your rent you may get into rent arrears and be at risk of loosing your home. This article will give you information on how to manage your debts and how to talk to your landlord to find a solution to this problem. If your landlord takes you to court, this will also provide you with advice on what happens on the day.

If you are getting behind with your rent or you see problems arising with being able to pay rent in the future, make sure you take action immediately. You must find out what tenancy you have, you may also get advice and it may be best to plan a budget to settle your debts. Talking to your landlord and trying to come up with a solution with them may help you. You may receive letters from your landlord about your rent arrears, you must read these and understand the information provided, also you must understand that your landlord may take action against you.

Find out what tenancy you have…

 Finding out what tenancy you have is important because it can make a big difference to what happens when you have rent arrears. A tenancy is a written legal agreement between a landlord and a tenant.

You may be asked if you a council tenant, Housing association tenant, private rent tenant ect…

If you are taken to court by your landlord, the judge will look into your tenancy to decide what action to take. This could make the judge decide when you need to leave your home or when and how you can pay your rent arrears and if you can stay in your home.

Making a budget…

There are plenty of organisations out there today that can help you with your growing debts, these companies will help you make a budget and help you pay off what you owe. One of those organisations is National debt line (http://www.nationaldebtline.co.uk/) and the national organisation Shelter (http://www.shelter.org.uk) offer help and advice on housing.

Finding a solution with your landlord

 If you do see problems arising contact your landlord straight away, between you there may be a solution made for this problem. The landlord may want to keep you as a tenant so they don’t loose money completely and have to find someone else to live in their property.

Keep any letters written between yourself and the landlord always if you come to an agreement, if you don’t come to any agreement your landlord may have to take action against you.


If you are sent court papers you MUST attend, you will have your chance to explain to the judge why you are in rent arrears even if your landlord hasn’t listened to you, the judge must listen to both sides! If the judge decides that you must leave your home you can take legal advice and appeal the decision.

We hope you found this information useful. Please remember to use CIA Insurance when you or your family and friends need motorcycle insurance, landlords insurance or commercial insurance.

Source- http://www.direct.gov.uk

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Buy-to-let property boom, but tenants hit with arrears…

October 27, 2011


Landlord Assist

Landlord Assist are a nationwide tenant eviction and referencing firm and they have said the rising popularity of buy-to-let property will continue to grow with the property owners reaping the benefits.

The rental property market has stayed so strong recently because of the continuing struggle for buyers to try and get onto the property ladder.

There has also been an issue warned by Stephen Parry, commercial director for Landlord Assist, with rising rents means more tenants getting into arrears and then have to default on payments.

It has been recommended to have rent guarantee insurance if you are a landlord to avoid this. Mr Parry said :

“Unemployment is one of the main reasons why tenants default on their rental payments and unfortunately this can have a direct impact on a landlords ability to meet their own financial obligations.

The rental property market has stayed so strong recently because of the continuing struggle for buyers to try and get onto the property ladder.

“We strongly urge landlords to take immediate action in situations of rent arrears and consider taking out a rent guarantee policy to protect their interests.”

Landlord Assist has said that unemployment in the UK is currently at a 17 – year high.

We hope you found this information useful. Please remember to use CIA Insurance when you or your family and friends need motorcycle insurance, landlords insurance or commercial insurance.

Source- http://www.stride.co.uk

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A warning to landlords over new rental rules!

October 26, 2011


The association of residential letting agents

The Association of residential lettings agents (ARLA) have warned landlords who rent out their properties to students or large groups not to get caught out by new rules.

Homes in multiple occupation (HMO) is where there are groups of unrelated people living in one property and sharing amenities. The ARLA has said that many local authorities want to change the rules that surround these type of homes.

Up until last year, a HMO licence had to be applied for by landlords if their property had six or more unrelated tenants with shared amenities over three levels. Article 4, as it is known, now covers any home with three to six tenants who share facilities such as bathrooms, kitchens and more.

If any landlord is found to be renting out their property as a HMO they risk getting a big fine!

The new rules are optional but areas with larger student communities or city centres will more than likely have the rules enforced, the ARLA have said.

ARLA are advising landlords to check with their local authority before changing their property to a HMO and increasing the number of people living in one house.

“HMO licensing and planning applications are not a new issue for landlords, but now there is the added complication of Article 4,” Ian Potter, Operations Manager at ARLA, said.

“There is no room for complacency – failure to comply could result in a hefty fine.

“It is therefore important for any landlord considering changing the use of a property to fully research the regulations in their area.

“For landlords with portfolios spanning more than one local authority area, this may mean different rules apply for each property. Factoring in the possible additional costs of purchasing the licence is also vital.”

We hope you found this information useful. Please remember to use CIA Insurance when you or your family and friends need motorcycle insurance, landlords insurance or commercial insurance.

Source- http://moneyfacts.co.uk

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10 Reasons to Buy CIA Let Property Insurance…

October 26, 2011


CIA Let Property Insurance will easily and quickly compare market rates from the UK’s leading let property insurance providers.

Whether you own one property or have an extensive portfolio CIA Let Property Insurance can offer the most competitive policy with the most comprehensive covers available.

CIA Let property is a dedicated specialist providing landlords and property owners/agents with a full insurance solution and service.

  1. One month challenge – If you can find the same insurance cover for a better rate elsewhere in the market within 28 days of purchase, CIA will either match the rate or refund the policy in full.
  2. Same rate across all POSTCODES – We apply one price across all postcodes so our competitive and simple pricing structure makes decision making easy (on selected policies).
  3. All risks cover – ‘’All risks’’ cover including subsidence (subject to certain exclusions).
  4. Loss of Rent – CIA Insurance can provide loss of rent or alternative accommodation expenses as a result of damage – covered by the policy up to 30% of the Building Sum Insured.
  5. Accidental damage – Accidental damage to buildings included automatically (on selected policies).
  6. Malicious Damage by your Tenants –
    Malicious damage and theft damage by the tenants will be covered (on selected policies).
  7. Employers liability – Domestic Employers Liability will be covered up to £10m (on selected policies).
  8. Public liability for property owners – Property Owners Liability included up to £5m.
  9. Unoccupied Properties – Our specialist panel of underwriters can offer up to “All Risks” cover on unoccupied properties (subject to certain exclusions).
  10. 18 Years Experience – CIA Insurance has 18 years of experience in the insurance industry and is one of the UK’s leading brokers.

We hope you found this information useful. Please remember to use CIA Insurance when you or your family and friends need motorcycle insurance, landlords insurance or commercial insurance.

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Buy-To-Let mortgages are getting more popular but tenants and first time buyers are feeling the pressure…

October 26, 2011


Buy-to-let mortgages have become increasingly popular in recent months due to the continuing rise of rental prices, according to the bank of England.

Rental properties have become so popular it is leading would-be buyers to put in sealed bids in areas of the South East.

In the bank’s latest trends lending report it said there was an increase of demand for buy-to-let lending over the summer, reflecting rising rental yields. In each region of the UK the price of rent increased in September 2011, an average of £718 per month – in London £1,029, this is from the latest LSL property services buy-to-let index. The director of broker prolific mortgage finance, Lea Karasavvas, says: “We are having sealed bids with buy-to-lets because the rental market is just so strong”.

The average yield for landlords is now 5.3%, up from 5.2% in August, the LSL says. Tenant arrears have now dropped to their lowest level since April 2010, 8.6% of all UK rent was unpaid or late by the end of September this year (2011).

Between April and June £3.5bn worth of buy-to-let loans were taken out, that is 32,000 loans which is the highest number and value since 2008, this is according to the council of mortgage lenders (CML).

“Encouraging news” says Paul Smee, director general. He also said first time buyers were not being displaced by buy-to-let landlords.

But Matt Griffith of first-time buyer campaign site PricedOut, disagrees. He says: “In a market where equity is king, investors are able to outbid first-time buyers for available lower-level properties. In the housing market, equity is nearly always a result of longevity – which gives older homeowners a head-and-shoulders advantage. Housing wealth and ownership is more generationally lopsided than it has been since the 1940s, and we appear to be seeing older groups pressing home their advantage through investment buying.”

The future then isn’t quite so bright for both tenants and first time buyers. They are being pushed out of the market by increasing house prices and more rent being charged by landlords.

President of the ARLA, Tim Hyatt, says: "There is a finite amount of rental property and unless both housing supply and mortgage availability improves, renters will find their options in the market are reduced.

The association of residential lettings agents have said the problem is a lack of supply, the government should also be doing more to encourage landlords. Demand has increased dramatically for properties in London and the South East, and now there may be more tenants than properties.

President of the ARLA, Tim Hyatt, says: “There is a finite amount of rental property and unless both housing supply and mortgage availability improves, renters will find their options in the market are reduced. The government is doing little to encourage landlords to invest in new properties, therefore we are running out of quality stock to offer to tenants. This is reflected in rent increases and a lack of choice for consumers”.

In early October, Greg Clark, the communities and local government minister, said that the private rental sector is “destroying family life”. Also, MP Caroline flint said in a recent Labour party conference that she wanted stronger private tenants rights.

Matt Griffith thinks that if tenure rights were improved, for example longer notice periods for eviction, are more favoured by some landlords because if offers them greater security. It can also make the market more stable. Griffith says: “Stronger tenure rights would help reduce the level of short-term investment flows into the sector as well as improving the experience of the renter, who is steadily getting older and as a result requires stability for children, family and schools,” he says.

Many lenders will only issue buy-to-let property loans on the basis that the property has an assured shorthold tenancy, that means a tenancy can only be for at least 6 months but no more than 12.

“It’s the bankers, not the landlords, to blame here,” Griffith adds. Halifax and Accord Mortgages, for example, both demand that properties be let on an assured shorthold tenancy basis – although some, including Woolwich mortgages, do not”.

Rental Yields have hit 5.3% and as a result of house prices falling outside London, the total returns over the past year fell to 1.8%. This has been pointed out by LSL’s David Newnes as the chances for lenders and borrowers is disappearing.

“Yields are still very low in historical terms” Griffith continues, “further declines in-house prices look likely and tenant arrears have been climbing steeply. Both the later trends may intensify as we move into a very difficult period for UK household income.”

Small lenders this year have been returning to buy-to-let mortgages, but things have changed since the credit crunch hit the UK.

“Borrowing 85% [of a property’s value] was easy pre-credit crunch, and the fees on those loans were a lot lower,” says Lea Karasavvas, director of Prolific Mortgage Finance. “Now charges of £1,999 are not uncommon and borrowers will find little choice above 75% loan to value (LTV)”.

Property funding specialist, Adrian Anderson, has said: “Before the credit crunch there wasn’t a huge difference between residential and buy to let rates.” This is with rates not being as competitive as they used to be.

If landlords have a deposit of at least 40%, a two-year fixed-rate deal is being offered at 3.89% and a fee of £999 by principality building society. But, Woolwich has a lifetime tracker, with a base rate plus 2.98% and a fee of £1,999.

Other banks and lenders have tightened their criteria, Lloyds banking group, which included Birmingham Midshires and Halifax as lenders only allow landlords to take just three loans with them. The minimum rent required with this is still typically 125% of the month cost of repaying the mortgage.

Lloyds Banking Group

We hope you found this information useful. Please remember to use CIA Insurance when you or your family and friends need motorcycle insurance, landlords insurance or commercial insurance.

Source- http://www.guardian.co.uk

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Glasgow city council crack down on unregistered landlords…

October 25, 2011


The Scottish association of landlords

A city council in Scotland has warned landlords if they don’t register with them they face a £50,000 fine, this is help crack down with this growing problem.

Despite this being a legal requirement, up to 6,000 private landlords in Glasgow have not given their details to their local city council. Glasgow city council is said to be doing “extensive work” to get the offenders.

The council have said that the landlord register is there to keep up the standards and to ensure decent housing for tenants. Council leader Gordon Matheson has warned: “Extensive work has been going on to develop a clear picture of which rented properties do not have a registered landlord listed against them.

“If landlords do not respond to this call, then they can rest assured that action will be taken”.

The maximum fine for failure to register has risen from £5,000 to £50,000. Landlords have been asked to register since 2004, the increased fine was in effect from August 31 this year.

The register gives the council a chance to see whether the landlords are a “fit and proper” person and should be allowed to rent out property. In Glasgow there are 25,000 registered landlords.

If any landlords, householders and owners need advice or information a contact number – 0141 287 9914 – has been created, the council have done this to push those who still haven’t registered.

Are tenants in safe hands?

The director of Scottish association of landlords has said: “Our association members follow a clear code of practise that is designed to ensure the best possible standards for their tenants.

“We welcome the council’s initiative to improve standards in private rented housing”.

We hope you found this information useful. Please remember to use CIA Insurance when you or your family and friends need motorcycle insurance, landlords insurance or commercial insurance.

Source- The Press Association

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The boiler scrappage scheme, helping Scotland become more energy efficient!

October 24, 2011


Energy efficient boiler....

The boiler scrappage scheme, for landlords in Scotland who list properties with residential letting agents, could find it easier to attract potential tenants if they take advantage of this great scheme.

Homeowners and landlords, if they go along with the scheme and replace all old inefficient boilers with a new eco-friendly model, will get a £400 voucher. The new boiler must be recommended by the energy-saving trust. This is being issued because the Scottish governments are adding £1.5 million to the scrappage scheme, a portion of this (£500,00) had been reserved for private landlords.

“The boiler scrappage scheme had been a resounding success with over 6,000 households benefiting this year to date. Around a further 2,400 private homes will benefit from a cash injection, together with around an additional 1,200 households via private landlords, ” said Alex Neil, cabinet secretary for infrastructure and capital investment.

The scheme has reported to be able to improve the energy efficiency of properties which then lead to lower bills for tenants. A private landlord named Dr Aaron Sam, has benefitted greatly from this scheme. He commented:  “My residents are delighted, i have one couple in a one bedroomed flat and they are reporting more than a 50 per cent reduction in their gas bills. “As well as offering real value for money, the new boilers give me peace of mind and reflect the high standards of rental i offer my tenants.”

Even though this scheme is only available in Scotland, homeowners and landlords in the UK may want to consider installing new boilers in their properties. The green deal will be available to help fund energy efficiency improvements which include this from October next year.
We hope you found this information useful. Please remember to use CIA Insurance when you or your family and friends need motorcycle insurance, landlords insurance or commercial insurance.

Source- http://www.martinco.com/landlord-newshttp://www.24dash.com/news/housing

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Mike Hoppitt- Track day review

October 24, 2011


One of our own motorcycle insurance telesales advisors took to the race track for the first time last week. Here in his own words, Mike Hoppitt, has given us his own account of his day on the track.

Mike Hoppitt

On a windy September day I had my first introduction to track days at Donington Park, preceded by at least a week of worrying about my riding skills, what the weather would be, and if my bike and myself would end the day in one piece.  

Having booked the track day with Focused Events the week before, we turned up early and got settled into one of the many garages lining the pit lane – the very same garages used by all the top racing teams that frequent Donington. A quick walk down the pit lane to attend the safety brief gave me a great chance to see all the biking exotica lined up in the other garages. There was a mix of street bikes and track bikes alike, with everything from the latest Ducatis, Aprilias and BMWs, to a couple of 10 year old Triumph Sprint 955’s.

We were split into 3 groups depending on experience, and by 9a.m my group was taken out by the team of instructors for 3 slow laps to get a feel of the track, then straight onto our first 20 minute session. Blasting out of the pit lane straight into the first corner on my K1 Suzuki GSXR-600 was a surreal experience, having seen it so many times on the television or from the grandstands it felt great to finally be out there myself.

Mike With his K1 Suzuki GSXR-600

I started out slow for the first few laps to get my tyres warm, gradually getting the corner speed up and braking a bit less each lap. I started out fairly nervous, but quickly became more and more confident as I realized there was bags of grip and lean angle to be had, and if all else failed, plenty of run off room into the gravel traps, where at least a couple of people a session ended up.

Each session was enough for about 8 laps, with a total of 6 sessions throughout the day. The 40 minutes between sessions was the perfect amount of time to get yourself rested and grab a cup of coffee ready for the next session, and to let you go watch the bikes in the faster groups blast down the start / finish straight by the garages. The sight and sound of the bikes flying past you at full throttle was worth the track day fee alone, where else could you see Ducatis, Aprilias and KTM v-twins being chased down by Japanese fours at speeds that you would lose your license for?

There were many instructors on hand, as well as lots of other riders eager to share their expertise and advice. I went out with an instructor for a few laps so he could show me the best lines and speed through each corner, which was a massive help for the rest of the day.  Spending a day on the track taught me a lot of things about riding – mainly that a bike is often a lot more capable than its rider, you can brake later, steer quicker, and carry a lot more corner speed than you are used to doing on the road. It really helps you become a lot smoother as a rider, being able to concentrate on your riding and not having to look out for everyday hazards like when out on the road. The next day when I went out on the road, my cornering was a lot smoother and my lines more precise, but more importantly I had a lot more confidence in myself and my bike having seen what it was capable of doing.

Riding on the track is a great way to give you a good thrill and to ride how you’ve always wanted to in relative safety, there’s lots of grip, lots of room and you’re surrounded by lots of like minded people. It’s a completely different feeling to riding on the road, you’re constantly at full throttle with your eyes on stalks at maximum concentration, all you’re thinking about is the next corner, your track position, and where everyone else is around you. The only real drawbacks compared to road riding is the lack of changing scenery and different roads – you quickly learn every corner, bumpy bit and layout of the track, after 2 hours of riding it can feel a tiny bit repetitive, and you obviously don’t have the freedom to ride off to wherever you want to!  

The whole experience was extremely enjoyable, something everyone who owns a bike needs to do it at some point, it doesn’t cost a huge amount of money and is a lot easier to arrange and to do than I ever imagined. Its great to get a small taste of what bike racers experience, and to be able to stretch the legs of your bike a bit more than you usually would. I was able to hire an on-board camera with GPS telemetry showing track position and speed, this was a great souvenir for the day, but you don’t realise until you watch it back at home just how many times you get overtaken!

Mike at the track day, Donington Park

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Biking with a slight difference!…

October 24, 2011


One of the guys from CIA Insurance services took park in a biking event earlier this week without his petrol powered bike, just human pedal power this time!

Bicester Millennium Cycling Club (www.bmcc2000.com) annually organise a 4 man time trial race over a ten mile distance comprising of 4 laps of the perimeter service road of RAF Weston On The Green. The event takes place on the airfield (which is usually used for parachute and glider training for the RAF) situated just outside the very picturesque village of Middleton Stoney near Bicester.

The event, which is brilliantly organised, went well and also helped raise funds for Help for Heroes charity campaign (http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/). 32 Local (ish) teams took part to see what time they could achieve. Eliot and his three team mates from Rugby RCC managed a time of 23 minutes exactly, finishing 10th overall.

Eliot and his three team mates from Rugby RCC

Below is a results sheet for every team;


Winners of Broadribbs Cup Men & individual medals

 Warwickshire RC 21:24

Winners of Broadribbs Cup Women & individual medals

Lichfield City CC 25:24

Fastest Mens team

Warwickshire RC (no 32) 21:24 £60

Fastest Ladies team

Lichfield City CC (no 17) 25:24 £40


VC10 (no 20) 21:28 £40


MJS Racing (no 21) 21:57 £20


Python RT (no 4) 22:30 Sufferfest ‘tickets’

Closest to 23mins

Rugby RCC (no 29) 23:00 £10


Hemel Hempstead CC (no 23) 24:01 £10


VC10 (no 33) 24:59 £10


Rugby RCC (no 7) 26:02 £10


A5 Rangers (no 28) 26:48 £10

Future events:

Roller Racing – Tues 13th September @ 6pm ish.

The Butcher’s Arms, Fringford, £10 per rider including food. £100 prize list!

More details on Facebook

Invitation 9ups (WotG & Silverstone) next year


BMCC Four-up TTT 10 miles – Tuesday 16th August 2011

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under

their Rules & Regulations

Course H2.5/20 – RAF Weston on the Green

Final Results

Pos’n Team No. Avg Speed Time Lap 1+ Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4

1 Warwickshire RC (32)

28.04 – 21:24 – 05:38 – 05:23 – 05:12 – 05:11

2 VC10 (20)

27.95 – 21:28 – 05:34 – 05:22 – 05:16 – 05:16

3 MJS Racing (21)

27.33 – 21:57 – 05:44 – 05:23 – 05:28 – 05:22

4 Python RT (4)

26.67 – 22:30 – 05:42 – 05:32 – 05:37 – 05:39

5 VC10 (1)

26.59 – 22:34 – 05:51 – 05:34 – 05:38 – 05:31

6 Team MK (22)

26.53 – 22:37 – 05:55 – 05:41 – 05:33 – 05:28

7 RugbyRCC (5)

26.41 – 22:43 – 05:43 – 05:38 – 05:40 – 05:42

8 BMCC (31)

26.39 – 22:44 – 05:59 – 05:39 – 05:35 – 05:31

9 Hemel HempsteadCC (15)

26.22 – 22:53 – 05:57 – 05:33 – 05:34 – 05:49

10 Rugby RCC (29)

26.09 – 23:00 – 06:06 – 05:41 – 05:42 – 05:31

11 Hillingdon Faster Boys (24)

25.94 – 23:08 – 05:57 – 05:46 – 05:41 – 05:44

12 Fairly United Cycling Team (11)

25.79 – 23:16 – 06:00 – 05:47 – 05:48 – 05:41

13 Didcot Phoenix CC (2)

25.32 – 23:42 – 06:05 – 05:49 – 05:53 – 05:55

14 Rugby RCC (12)

25.14 – 23:52 – 06:04 – 06:05 – 05:56 – 05:47

15 Hemel Hempstead CC (23)

24.98 – 24:01 – 06:15 – 05:54 – 06:01 – 05:51

16 Oxonian CC (16)

24.95 – 24:03 – 06:19 – 05:55 – 05:57 – 05:52

17 Rugby RCC (26)

24.86 – 24:08 – 06:20 – 05:58 – 06:02 – 05:48

18 Zappi’s (30)

24.76 – 24:14 – 06:24 – 05:59 – 05:58 – 05:53

19 Hemel Hempstead CC (6)

24.76 – 24:14 – 06:09 – 05:56 – 06:07 – 06:02

20 TeamMilton Keynes (3)

24.26 – 24:44 – 06:39 – 06:09 – 06:01 – 05:55

21 Oxonian CC (27)

24.16 – 24:50 – 06:43 – 06:08 – 06:03 – 05:56

22 VC10 (33)

24.02 – 24:59 – 06:38 – 06:14 – 06:03 – 06:04

23 Hillingdon Tri Flash Boys (14)

23.76 – 25:15 – 06:36 – 06:11 – 06:19 – 06:09

 24 LichfieldCity CC (W) (17)

23.62 – 25:24 – 06:35 – 06:21 – 06:11 – 06:17

25 TeamMilton Keynes(25)

23.47 – 25:34 – 06:45 – 06:26 – 06:15 – 06:08

26 Rugby RCC (7)

23.05 – 26:02 – 06:44 – 06:29 – 06:30 – 06:19

27 VC10 (13)

22.73 – 26:24 – 06:57 – 06:34 – 06:36 – 06:17

28 Hillingdon Tri Old Boys (19)

22.44 – 26:44 – 07:08 – 06:37 – 06:38 – 06:21

29 A5 Rangers (28)

22.39 – 26:48 – 06:52 – 06:40 – 06:43 – 06:33

30 Rugby RCC (18)

21.02 – 28:33 – 07:29 – 07:08 – 07:14 – 06:42

31 Hemel Hempstead CC (8)

19.67 – 30:30 – 08:11 – 07:42 – 07:24 – 07:13

32 Hillingdon Tri Mixed (9)

19.60 – 30:37 – 07:59 – 07:37 – 07:37 – 07:24

DNS Lichfield City CC (10) (apols)

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