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Thinking about becoming a landlord? Consider where to buy property in the UK

March 15, 2012


Have you thought about the best areas in the UK to become a landlord?

Renting property is very popular and has been for a while with mortgage deposits being too high there seems to be no let up in the rental market.

Have you considered buying property near Universities?

Have you considered buying property near Universities?

Have you considered key places in the country to buy and let out property?

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Cities ie London, Manchester and Birmingham

A postcode survey has taken place and it has shown the unlikely places to be the most popular for landlords.

The contenders for most popular place…

  • Blackpool – Listed as one of the best for landlords as it has low property value and high rent
  • Wigan
  • Romford
  • Uxbridge
  • Cleveland
  • Luton

Website hip-consultant.co.uk have found a similar survey that lists London as one place with the biggest demand for rental properties in this country.

Listed after London are…

  • Luton
  • Cambridge
  • Milton Keynes
  • Portsmouth
The Borough's in Luton

The Borough's in Luton

These towns and cities are so popular, property is let almost straight after the property has been advertised. This is mainly due to people moving to these places for word and not wanting to commute and because of good schools and Universities being in a certain area.

Always think carefully about becoming a landlord, it isn’t always down to where you let, it’s also who you let to. Consider your landlord insurance policy after you have found where you would like to buy property.

Consider everything before letting out property, Where you buy and who you let to

Consider everything before letting out property, Where you buy and who you let to

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Landlords encouraged to buy and renovate disused buildings, then let to students

November 18, 2011


Have you ever wanted to renovate a building for student use? If you do and you go for it make sure you take out a landlord insurance policy.

Property expert, Stephanie Sowerby, has said that disused buildings are ideal for student accommodation. Ms Sowerby, Marketing Director for Fresh Start Living has pushed this as there is great demand for student properties in university towns and cities.

Developing these properties could be cost-effective she goes onto explain, councils may be swayed more to say yes to construction and provide planning permission on brownfield sites

“There is a huge demand (for such properties) from investors because of the return on investment potential that is offered,” the specialist stated, noting there is a shortage of housing for students in city centres.

With universities wanting to save cash, they are selling their living spaces because their government funding was cut. This means that private investors are seeing more university students who need a place to live.

Landlords who are thinking of letting out their property may want to join a new scheme which has been set up by accommodation for students and unipol, they accredit property which is up to a certain standard.

To protect your property against damage by students you may want to look into landlord insurance (mentioned at the top of this article). We also have a specialist students contents insurance cover, this is for students who want to protect their goods while living in your property.
Source- Simple

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Landlord insurance- Make sure you are protected with student tenants!

September 29, 2011


University students take their places and also need somewhere to live!

We have now come to that time of the year where a new bunch of fresh-faced students have got their university places and are now looking for somewhere to live. For landlords this can be a great time to provide students with accommodation, but insurance companies have warned landlords to be protected with the correct landlord insurance cover.

Students, university ones in particular, have a bit of a reputation when it comes to being untidy and parting a bit too much! This could risk damage to any furniture and carpets that don’t belong to them. Unfortunately this means that students are under a high risk category meaning that any landlord who rents out a property to them face paying higher premiums.

Some landlord insurance providers have products such as rent guarantee cover to protect you from unpaid rent and legal protection cover for if you have any legal disputed from evicting tenants, tax disputes and more are included! Making sure you have the right policy is key and will give you peace of mind because you are always protected.

If you are a landlords wanting a policy for student tenants give CIA Insurance a call and they will find the best policy to suit your needs.

Contact information for CIA

Telephone – 0844 88 88 323

Email – info@cia-insurance.co.uk

Fax – 0844 88 89 002

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