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Single mother without contents insurance has possessions destroyed in fire

February 2, 2012


A single mother of two has lost everything in a house fire in Nottingham.

There was a house fire next door to Tina Lavender’s home, unfortunetly the fire spread into Miss Lavender’s home destroying all of her possessions.

Miss Lavender did not have contents insurance so everything that was ruined in the fire has been lost for good.

This has come at a bad time, as Miss Lavender gave birth to her 8 week old baby 10 weeks early and has only just been able to bring her home. Now all of her baby clothed, bottles ect have been destroyed.

The fire has been ruled as accidental, it started after a solid fuel cooker was lit which had a flue pipe carrying the smoke outside.

There was a flaw in the pipe which allowed sparks to escape and then that ignited the floorboards on the first floor.

If Miss Lavender had contents insurance, her possessions would have been protected.

It is so quick, easy and simple to get the correct insurance for your home, to have your possessions protected it is worth having!

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How to prepare your properties for the winter months…

October 21, 2011


Source- www.ellesmereportpioneer.co.uk 

The UK enjoyed a welcomed hot spell at the beginning of this month, with temperatures hitting just above 30C. Now nearly more than two weeks later we seem to be hitting a cold spell, this certainly proves how temperamental the British weather can be!

So now maybe is the time to consider your home insurance policy. If you already have home insurance cover we would advise that you check exactly what you are covered for just incase you get hit by any winter weather induced problems. It is absolutely vital that you are aware of what you are covered for with your home insurance policy. Most insurers that are out there will cover you if you experience anything from a burst pipe to damage by storms.

Here are some helpful tips to help make your home weather proof this winter…

Blocked gutters can cause you problems if not cleared!

  • Check the gutter – Check the gutter just to make sure it is not blocked. In the autumn months leaves can get down drains and also at any time of the year debris can be found down there too, this then through time can get waterlogged and eventually in the winter months freeze if not cleared. Bursting pipes can occur and with the weight of the frozen water causing the gutter to potentially break, this could cause even further damage to your property.
  • Frozen pipe bursting...

    Prevent burst pipes – According to the latest research in home insurance, burst pipes are one of the most common claims by landlords. A burst pipe occurs when water freezes then expands and escapes. Home insurance experts suggest that £15,000 is the average claim amount for a burst pipe. It is worth keeping your house warm in the winter months to prevent the pipes from bursting, the cost of gas and electricity is unfortunately high but the cost of a burst pipe may be higher!

 It is very important that you are correctly covered for an emergency like burst pipes, but the majority of basic home insurance policies cover you for this. There are some simple, easy steps to protect the pipes. For example insulating your water tank and fitting an insulation jacket around the sides of the tank, the pipes can also be insulated by a jacket.
  • Get Insurance – We advise that landlords should check their level of cover. At the end of the day you have a responsibility to meet the legal duties and if you don’t your properties and potentially your tenants may not be protected. Landlord insurance could be purchased for a single property or if you have an extensive property portfolio.
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