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Burglary hotspots in the UK

May 18, 2012


Justlandlords.co.uk have looked into the places in the UK that have had the most burglaries and have made and info graphic to show how high the rates are.

Number one on the list is Stoke Newington, London, with number of thefts per 1000 enquiries at 33.6.

Included on the list is West Bromwich (31.7), Bramley in Leeds (30.0) and Wheatley in Doncaster (27.3).

All information is based on home insurance claims, it just goes to show how important it is to have insurance for your possessions.

Click the picture for a larger image.

For Home Insurance information go to www.cia-insurance.co.uk

*Source – justlandlords.co.uk & Hip consultant

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House prices have a small rise in the UK

April 26, 2012


House prices have only had a slight change in the last year by having a small rise of 0.3%, the office for national statistics (ONS) have commented.

Obviously there are big differences in different regions in the UK with prices continuously rising in London but Northern Ireland and the North East have seen a sharp fall.

The average house price in the UK is £224,473, this is from February 2012 when prices rose 0.2%.

Average house prices around the UK

Rugby – £183,779 – 3rd Highest in Warwickshire

Daventry – £237,113 – 2nd Highest in Northamptonshire

Milton Keynes – £202,425 – Most popular place for first – time buyers to step onto the property ladder at the moment.

Barnet (North London) – £435,448

City Of London – £482,851

Kensington and Chelsea – £1,362,925 – A lot higher than the other average prices!

The ONS have taken over the publication of the index from the Department For Communities and Local Government.

They have commented:

 “In the 12 months to February 2012, average house prices increased in both England and Scotland by 0.4% and 1.1% respectively,” the ONS said.

“These increases were offset by decreases in Wales, where average prices decreased by 0.5%, and Northern Ireland, where average prices fell by 9.7%.

“The annual increase in average house prices in England was driven by increases in both London and the South East, where prices increased over the year by 1.7% and 1.2% respectively,” the ONS added.*


*Quote from BBC News

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Rent takes a dive in the run up to christmas

December 19, 2011


For the first time in ten months rental prices have dipped, this is according to the latest buy-to-let index from LSL property services PLC.

The average rent in England and Wales fell by 0.4% to £717 per month in November, that is a drop from £720 per month in October.

There was a decline in the annual rental inflation in October, it dropped from 4.1% to 3.5% but this is the first month that rental prices have fallen since January. In the past year (November 2010-November 2011) rent has risen by £25 per month, despite there being a decline.

Rises and declines over the UK…

  •  East Midlands – Fell 2.2%
  •  South East – Fell 2.1%
  •  Yorkshire & The Humber and Wales – Increased by 1.2%

 Fastest rising rents…

  •  London and the South East – Increased by 4.2%

The North East and South West had the smallest rises.

In November, London had a rent rise of 0.3% compaired to October. It rose to £1,033 per month (£41 more than November 2010).

David Newnes, director of LSL Property Services, owners of Your Move and Reeds Rains, said:

“Following their relentless march upward throughout the year, rent rises have taken a pause for breath. Landlords are
looking to avoid having properties vacant over the Christmas period, and can be less aggressive with pricing as tenant activity slows in the run up to the New Year. But across the country, the limited supply of rental accommodation means there will still be strong upward pressure on rents in the early part of 2012.

“The government missed a golden opportunity in the Autumn Statement to give the private rented sector a fillip, and encourage the investment needed for the long-term supply of rental homes to match demand. Extending the stamp duty holiday to buy-to-let investments would have removed a financial obstacle in the path of new investors, easing the strain on the current limited stock of properties. However, with the failure to even extend the holiday for first-time buyers, despite the new mortgage indemnity scheme, demand for rental accommodation from frustrated buyers will continue to increase as we progress through 2012, and rents resume their upwards trajectory.”*


*Quote from Propertytalk Live!

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