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Single mother without contents insurance has possessions destroyed in fire

February 2, 2012


A single mother of two has lost everything in a house fire in Nottingham.

There was a house fire next door to Tina Lavender’s home, unfortunetly the fire spread into Miss Lavender’s home destroying all of her possessions.

Miss Lavender did not have contents insurance so everything that was ruined in the fire has been lost for good.

This has come at a bad time, as Miss Lavender gave birth to her 8 week old baby 10 weeks early and has only just been able to bring her home. Now all of her baby clothed, bottles ect have been destroyed.

The fire has been ruled as accidental, it started after a solid fuel cooker was lit which had a flue pipe carrying the smoke outside.

There was a flaw in the pipe which allowed sparks to escape and then that ignited the floorboards on the first floor.

If Miss Lavender had contents insurance, her possessions would have been protected.

It is so quick, easy and simple to get the correct insurance for your home, to have your possessions protected it is worth having!

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Keep your insurance valid, or massive consequences will occur!

January 26, 2012


Thinking about renting out your property?

 Want to go on a long holiday and don’t want to leave your home empty?

 Sometimes leaving your home vacant may be a better idea!

You want to take a break, a year-long trip but you would also like to keep money coming in while you are away, so you let out your property.

To avoid agent costs you privately advertise your home and get the offer you want almost straight away. You think you are letting out to a nice, young and upmarket couple and go off on your break blissfully unaware of what will happen while you are away.

The holiday is half way through its course when you get an urgent call from your neighbour, you need to fly home immediately because there has been serious damage caused to your home by the tenants.

What you didn’t know is that your perfect tenants in fact like to party, a lot! They have destroyed your home and even personal belongings have been damaged.

The tenants have fled, of course, leaving you with a completely destroyed property. Obviously the first thing you do is contact your insurance company who sympathise with you, but when you tell them it was tenants who caused all the damage they tell you the bad news:

“Ah well I am afraid you are not covered for this as your policy is owner – occupied and not covered for tenants “

That was a big mistake made as now you have to use your own money including your savings to rebuild your property.

The insurance on your property automatically becomes void if you don’t notify them of any changes, it is so easy to phone your insurer and say you are now letting your property out to tenants.

"Ah well I am afraid you are not covered for this as your policy is owner - occupied and not covered for tenants "

You may also want to think about using a professional letting agency, they do take a cut of the monthly rent (around 10%) but you can pursue them if anything goes wrong.

If you do decide to privately advertise your property, make sure you have taken every step to protect yourself and find the right tenants. Never jump into the deep end, do your research and do background checks. Also have guarantors to sign for them to make sure you are not taken for a ride. Always get a deposit from the tenant, usually two to three months rent to cover any costs of damage that may occur.

Make sure you are covered for damaged property!

Remember, tell your mortgage company and insurer to keep your insurance valid!

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Can underfloor heating save you money and be efficient?

January 20, 2012


Underfloor heating

Can installing underfloor heating in your house or flat really save you money? And how does it work to make it more efficient for your home?

Working in the same way as a radiator – based central heating system, underfloor heating works with your thermostat and heats up when the temperature drops below a certain setting.

It works by pumping the heat around a heat exchanger in the floor. The heat is released over a certain period of time into the rooms above.

The heat exchanger has to heat up a large thermal mass and won’t heat up like a standard radiator heater because it take longer to heat up and cool down.

With this, you need to pre plan when you need to use your heating because it takes so long. Looking to see what the weather will be like for the next few days may help you.

As the UK climate is very temperamental, under floor heating is not seen as efficient as you have to predict when you need it.

If using a heat pump this is ideal because these heaters work at lower flow temperatures and a heat pump is a source of hot water. Cost savings can be made for a household with lower flow temperatures.*

*Source – Ebicco & Daily Mail

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Anti – social behaviour, What is it? and how can you be helped?

December 30, 2011


People feeling safe in their home is one of the most important things in life. Having anti – social behaviour around can affect the quality of life for an individual or even and entire community.

Anti – social behaviour

Anti – social behaviour is a wide spectrum of problems that can cause up set and leave people feeling unsafe in their home and community.

Anti – social behaviour problems include:

  • Nuisance Neighbours
  • Aggressive Behaviour
  • Harassment or Intimidation
  • Begging and Anti – Social Drinking
  • Vandalism, Graffiti or Damage
  • Drug Dealing

People who can help with anti – social problems

There are people there who can help you, you can be a landlord or a tenant, they are there to give you guidance and hopefully put a stop to anti – social behaviour.

Anti - social behaviour, there are people there to help!

  • The Police
  • Local Authorities
  • Social Landlords
  • Housing Associations

If you have been threatened with violence, had an assault carried out on yourself or another person, you are a witness to drug dealing or a hate crime the police should be contacted immediately.

There are also community police officers who can help with anti – social behaviour and they also hold regular anti – social behaviour meetings.

You can also ask your local authority (for example your local council) to see if they can help deal with problems such as:

  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Graffiti
  • Damage to public property
  • Noise

The local authority also have anti – social behaviour coordinators who can deal with anti – social behaviour problem areas.

To follow – How to deal with anti social behaviour as a landlord and tenant.

Source – direct.gov.uk

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