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Your best property portfolio insurance options

July 14, 2012


If you have a number of buy to let properties, you may find that keeping track of the insurance details for each one may be a bit of a nightmare.

Here are some top tips about how you may be able to simplify your insurance options by finding the best property portfolio insurance that allows you to condense your property insurance into just one policy:

  • the first point you may wish to bear in mind is that the best option for another landlord may not be the best options for you – you may need to shop around to ensure that you find cover that is appropriate for your own individual situation;
  • with a multi-property policy your administration may be all the more simple with only one renewal date to remember and you may also appreciate having just one point of contact for all of your insurance questions;
  • with some providers of property portfolio cover, you may be able to benefit from this type of protection if you have just two properties. Some other providers may require that you have three or more;
  • a single policy may also allow you to perhaps fully understand in more detail just what is covered and what is not;
  • with some multi property policies you may find that cover for features such as subsidence, malicious damage by tenants and compensation for loss of rental income following an insured event for example, may be provided as standard and because the same features may be applied across all postcodes, all of your properties may have exactly the same protection;
  • similarly, if you let your property out to different types of tenants, you may have come across policies which excluded certain categories like students or DSS from cover. Some property portfolio policies, however, may provide cover for all categories;
  • you may wish to bear in mind too that there may be cost advantages in having just one portfolio policy, as opposed to individual policies for each of your properties.

Managing your property portfolio may involve a bit more than just collecting the rent and doing a bit of maintenance now and then. Spending a lot of time on insurance related issues can be made just that bit easier with a property portfolio insurance policy and you could save yourself a bit of money into the bargain.

We would be more than happy to provide you with additional information about how to maximise your cover and peace of mind with multi property cover.

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Household Insurance

February 10, 2012


Household Insurance Cover

Being a home owner throws up numerous different and new challenges, many of which are costly. However, household insurance cover doesn’t need to be one of them if you get CIA Insurance on board.

Cheap Household Insurance

We have the flexibility to ensure that your household insurance policy reflects your needs, allowing you to choose from contents, buildings or a fully combined buildings and contents insurance policy.

Additional Cover Available

We can also provide additional cover such as Second Home Abroad cover, Sports and Home & Garden packages, Personal Accident, Family Legal Protection and Working from Home cover.

Don’t forget we also provide let property insurance for landlords.

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First time landlords need more help and guidance

January 24, 2012


Insurance is the first thing to consider, you may want to think about landlord's property insurance and rent protection insurance.

Property owners who are new to the market need to be given plenty of advice and support when it comes to letting out their property, this has been suggested by the founder and editor of LandlordZONE.co.uk.

The LandlordZONE.co.uk founder, Tom Entwistle has said that when new property owners let out their properties it is a ‘learning curve’ and they should be given as much help as possible.

When renting out a property, if you are doing it for the first time or you have an extensive portfolio there are loads of things to think about. Insurance is the first thing to consider, you may want to think about landlord’s property insurance and rent protection insurance.

With more and more rouge landlords arising in the country Mr Entwistle feels like more should be done to stop them and stop giving other landlords a bad name.

“Problems arise and give landlords a bad name because rouge landlords are allowed to get away with murder – local authorities need to be more assertive and effective.”*

LandlordZONE.co.uk provides free information to landlords who need help when letting out their property

LandlordZONE.co.uk is a fantastic website that provides information to people who are involved in letting out their property. The information is free and so are resources.

*Quote from Stride.co.uk

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