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Glasgow city council crack down on unregistered landlords…

October 25, 2011


The Scottish association of landlords

A city council in Scotland has warned landlords if they don’t register with them they face a £50,000 fine, this is help crack down with this growing problem.

Despite this being a legal requirement, up to 6,000 private landlords in Glasgow have not given their details to their local city council. Glasgow city council is said to be doing “extensive work” to get the offenders.

The council have said that the landlord register is there to keep up the standards and to ensure decent housing for tenants. Council leader Gordon Matheson has warned: “Extensive work has been going on to develop a clear picture of which rented properties do not have a registered landlord listed against them.

“If landlords do not respond to this call, then they can rest assured that action will be taken”.

The maximum fine for failure to register has risen from £5,000 to £50,000. Landlords have been asked to register since 2004, the increased fine was in effect from August 31 this year.

The register gives the council a chance to see whether the landlords are a “fit and proper” person and should be allowed to rent out property. In Glasgow there are 25,000 registered landlords.

If any landlords, householders and owners need advice or information a contact number – 0141 287 9914 – has been created, the council have done this to push those who still haven’t registered.

Are tenants in safe hands?

The director of Scottish association of landlords has said: “Our association members follow a clear code of practise that is designed to ensure the best possible standards for their tenants.

“We welcome the council’s initiative to improve standards in private rented housing”.

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Source- The Press Association

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The boiler scrappage scheme, helping Scotland become more energy efficient!

October 24, 2011


Energy efficient boiler....

The boiler scrappage scheme, for landlords in Scotland who list properties with residential letting agents, could find it easier to attract potential tenants if they take advantage of this great scheme.

Homeowners and landlords, if they go along with the scheme and replace all old inefficient boilers with a new eco-friendly model, will get a £400 voucher. The new boiler must be recommended by the energy-saving trust. This is being issued because the Scottish governments are adding £1.5 million to the scrappage scheme, a portion of this (£500,00) had been reserved for private landlords.

“The boiler scrappage scheme had been a resounding success with over 6,000 households benefiting this year to date. Around a further 2,400 private homes will benefit from a cash injection, together with around an additional 1,200 households via private landlords, ” said Alex Neil, cabinet secretary for infrastructure and capital investment.

The scheme has reported to be able to improve the energy efficiency of properties which then lead to lower bills for tenants. A private landlord named Dr Aaron Sam, has benefitted greatly from this scheme. He commented:  “My residents are delighted, i have one couple in a one bedroomed flat and they are reporting more than a 50 per cent reduction in their gas bills. “As well as offering real value for money, the new boilers give me peace of mind and reflect the high standards of rental i offer my tenants.”

Even though this scheme is only available in Scotland, homeowners and landlords in the UK may want to consider installing new boilers in their properties. The green deal will be available to help fund energy efficiency improvements which include this from October next year.
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