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Amy Winehouse home now up for sale

May 31, 2012


The beautiful home of the late Amy Winehouse is now up for sale, the 3 bedroom semi-detatched house can be yours for a cool £2,699,950.

The semi – detatched period villa is in Camden Square, London with Camden being one of the hottest boroughs to live in. In the area you will find artists, journalists and the creative types.

The nearest tube stations to the home are Camden Road, Kentish Town and Camden Town. You would be within walking distance to the famous Camden Market and London Zoo is just a bus ride away.

This home has been in the papers recently due to the last owner, Amy Winehouse. She was the most famous name in the area with Camden Town being her place to be seen.


Pictures of this fantastic home are from Right Move.


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Tenants are being evicted so landlords gain a profit during the Olympics

May 8, 2012


Some landlords with tenants in East London are evicting people to cash in on the Olympics. Other landlords are even raising rent prices for the duration of the games this summer.

These are illegal practices which housing charity Shelter fear will get worse in the run up to the games which start in July.

Landlords are giving people between one week to three weeks to move out of their properties and some private rentals are rising to £6,000 per week!

The NLA (National Landlords Association) are encouraging landlords to keep their loyal tenants as they may pay a price in the future with bad ones.

Here are some guidelines for landlords with property in East London who would like to rent during the Olympics from the NLA…

1)    Ensure the accommodation is properly furnished and includes beds, sheets, towels and appliances – a Wi-Fi connection will be an advantage

2)    Keep the property to a high standard, tenants visiting during the Olympics will expect good quality accommodation

3)    Check the terms and conditions if using a letting agency to find a tenant; typically, they charge a commission of up to 25%

4)    Use a letting agent that is registered with a professional body such as the UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA) or the Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA)

5)    Issue a contract for a Holiday Let or Licence. This can be downloaded from a reputable service that supplies such legal forms such as www.oyezforms.co.uk 

6)    Be aware that this type of tenancy contract does not fall within the legislation requiring a tenancy deposit to be protected in a government-authorized tenancy deposit protection scheme

7)    Take an inventory detailing the contents of the property

8)    Ensure that rent for the whole tenancy is obtained upfront

9)    Supply enough sets of keys for the number of people renting the property

10)    Provide information about the area, such as maps, an events calendar and transport advice.

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Thinking about becoming a landlord? Consider where to buy property in the UK

March 15, 2012


Have you thought about the best areas in the UK to become a landlord?

Renting property is very popular and has been for a while with mortgage deposits being too high there seems to be no let up in the rental market.

Have you considered buying property near Universities?

Have you considered buying property near Universities?

Have you considered key places in the country to buy and let out property?

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Cities ie London, Manchester and Birmingham

A postcode survey has taken place and it has shown the unlikely places to be the most popular for landlords.

The contenders for most popular place…

  • Blackpool – Listed as one of the best for landlords as it has low property value and high rent
  • Wigan
  • Romford
  • Uxbridge
  • Cleveland
  • Luton

Website hip-consultant.co.uk have found a similar survey that lists London as one place with the biggest demand for rental properties in this country.

Listed after London are…

  • Luton
  • Cambridge
  • Milton Keynes
  • Portsmouth
The Borough's in Luton

The Borough's in Luton

These towns and cities are so popular, property is let almost straight after the property has been advertised. This is mainly due to people moving to these places for word and not wanting to commute and because of good schools and Universities being in a certain area.

Always think carefully about becoming a landlord, it isn’t always down to where you let, it’s also who you let to. Consider your landlord insurance policy after you have found where you would like to buy property.

Consider everything before letting out property, Where you buy and who you let to

Consider everything before letting out property, Where you buy and who you let to

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Olympics 2012- Regenerating East London and higher rental prices all over the city

December 2, 2011


The Olympics are coming to the UK next year

The Olympics are coming to the UK next year making it a big year for our country. Team GB have pledged to come at least fourth on the medals table and landlords, agents and first time buyers are making the most of rental prices and new buildings being built-in East London.

Landlords and agents

This is obviously a fantastic time to let your property out, people from all over the world will want to come over to the UK and they need places to stay.

London estate agents, Foxtons, seem to be making the most of the Olympic season. Foxtons are advertising their ‘Olympic Properties’ for extraordinary  prices, one of their properties being a penthouse in Knightsbridge setting potential tenants back £100,000 per week.

They also have two properties in Wapping, one is £1,350 a week not during the Olympic period but then there is one at £7,000 a week during the Olympics seeing an increase of almost £6,000 for the same area of London.

Foxtons are not the only ones upping their rental prices, on a whole rent will rocket in the run up to the Olympics by six times the normal value causing some legality issues.

Owner occupiers who also want to join in on the bandwagon may not realise that their lease may not allow them to rent out their property. If they do want to rent their property out to tenants they need permission from their lender, insurance company and also get planning consent. Any breach in local council requirements could set them back £20,000 in a hefty fine.

First time buyers and the re-birth of East London

East London in green has some of the poorest boroughs in London

East London is seeing an amazing transformation in the run up to the events in 2012, a multi-billion pound investment has been pumped into the area and they are certainly seeing a re-birth there.

In the Olympic boroughs, Newham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest, they are seeing great housing developments in what are the poorest boroughs of London.

Flats are being built and they seem to be pulling in the first time buyers, owner occupiers and letting agents are also trying to get in on the money-making action and investing in buying property in the Olympic boroughs.

Ian Conway from Felicity J Lord’s estate agents said that the real benefits will come after the games.

“Obviously the infrastructure is being put in now and they’re working day and night to create a nice atmosphere, but i don’t think we’ll see the full extent of it until after the games, which is historically when Olympic cities tend to see the benefits of regeneration.”*

Hopefully this will create a wonderful regeneration for a poorer part of the city.

*Quote source- Findaproperty.com

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