Can you find cheap landlords buildings insurance?

February 11, 2013

Landlord Information

The financial pressures of modern life being what they are, it might be perfectly understandable if you set out to try and find the lowest cost cover possible.

Yet that approach might bring with it some serious risks:

  • making the search for cheap landlords buildings insurance your only real selection criterion might result in you choosing a policy that was unsuitable or which simply did not provide the depth of cover that your particular business situation might demand;
  • insurance providers have always counselled that it is potentially a mistake to focus exclusively on price because in the event of a claim, the price will be entirely unimportant to you and all you will be interested in discussing is the cover provided by your policy.  Although such advice is long-standing, it remains as valid today as it always has been;
  • it may be worth keeping in mind that you may be able to have a significant effect on the final price you end up paying for a policy.  For example, if you voluntarily take a higher excess (the amount of money you agree to contribute towards any future claims) then your premiums may reduce substantially. Some providers might offer similar discounts in situations where you are able to do things such as install additional security precautions, such as burglar alarms and so on;
  • the advertised price of a policy might not always be the price that you end up paying.  Some figures are quoted in response to you providing some very basic information.  Although these may occasionally loosely be called quotations, they may invariably be closer to estimations – and you may see clauses to the effect that the final price may vary once you have provided full details.  So, it might pay to be sure that you understand the difference between a quotation and an estimate before making your purchasing decision.

Many landlords have very substantial sums of money invested in their properties.

At CIA Insurance we are committed to helping you find cover appropriate for your requirements and which will help you to protect that investment.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss further just how we might be able to help you achieve that.



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