Looking for a buy to let insurance quote online

February 2, 2013

Landlords Insurance

Sometimes, online shopping can make things so easy that it becomes possible to forget some basic disciplines when selecting the product concerned.

In the case of looking for a buy to let insurance quote online, it’s worth keeping in mind the following points when you are trying to compare one against another – alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with us at CIA Insurance :

  •  don’t dive in head first.  Because the process is typically so easy, it becomes very tempting simply to click on the purchase button once you have the figures in front of you.  However, remember that the cover provided by a policy may be significantly different between providers and their sites.  As a result, make a point of looking at a number of options before making your final decision;
  •  read any documents referred to by the quotation.  Remember that a quotation might make the price it offers strictly dependent upon certain conditions and assumptions.  If you haven’t looked at the policy document itself and any other paperwork referred to by the quotation, you might not be sure that the price you are looking at will be your final price when you make your purchase;
  •  look at the terms and conditions.  This is directly linked to the above point but perhaps worth picking out individually.  The cover outlined by a policy and a quotation might be significantly modified or shaped by the associated terms and conditions.  If you are to be sure of the protection you are getting for your money and that it is suitable for your particular circumstances, you must take the time to study the terms and conditions carefully;
  •  try to check, independently, the customer satisfaction levels of the provider concerned.  Be cautious about customer testimonials offered on the site itself, as these might not always be entirely objective. Some insurance providers might, being realistic, be unlikely to publish customer reviews that were highly critical of the service received.  So, try to look at independent review sites.

At CIA Insurance we pride ourselves on being able to help our customers find suitable cover and at a cost-effective price. We would welcome your call to provide further information on the above and options that might be open to you.



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