Can I claim any landlord energy allowances?

You just might be eligible for what is called a landlords’ energy savings allowance.

Is the energy savings allowance still available?

At the time of writing (Jan 2013), yes it is.

You can find full details on the government’s own website*, which is extremely well-written and easy to understand.

Will it continue into the future?

That is impossible to say for certain, particularly given the current political objectives to reduce government spending.

What can be said is that existing government publications appear to refer to claims up to and including 2015.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that the scheme will continue to 2015 but it might indicate that for the time being, there are no obvious plans to axe it.

Would it reimburse me for any energy-saving measures I take?


The scheme exists to make a tax-allowance contribution towards the costs of certain approved forms of energy saving measures.  Some steps will be considered valid and activities that you may be able to claim the allowance for, others might not be.

You will need to consult the regulations to be sure.

With all insurance providers reduce my premium if I take energy-saving measures?

It is perfectly possible to ask, however, the linkage between something such as improved loft insulation and your insurance premium, doesn’t appear obvious at first glance.

However, there are a number of steps that you can take that might typically reduce the cost of a buy to let insurance quote.

Examples might include increasing your security precautions around your property or opting for a higher voluntary excess etc.

Your insurance provider will typically be only too happy to offer further advice on this subject.

Why does the energy-saving allowance exist?

The UK government and European Union are committed to achieving a marked reduction in greenhouse gases and one way of achieving that is by significantly reducing our society’s energy consumption.

This measure is, broadly speaking, related to that objective.

Is the government saying I will save money?

This is a more complicated question than it might appear.

The government and many expert bodies will happily tell you that if you undergo energy-saving measures around your property, that you should expect your energy consumption and therefore energy expenditure to fall.

However, whether you will save money in real terms is more complex to define and needs to include consideration of something called the payback period.

If, for example, you have spent several thousands of pounds of your own money on property insulation and the net result is that you are saving £30 per month on your energy bills, simple mathematics might tell you that it is going to take you many years to recover the cost of your initial expenditure.

So, you may be saving money in the longer term but in the short term you may find that, financially speaking, you are worse off.




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