The potential benefits of a property portfolio insurance quote

January 2, 2013

Landlords Insurance

There might be a number of reasons why it might be in your best interests to find out more about property portfolio insurance:

  • having multiple properties brings with it considerable responsibility and the need to invest significant amounts of your time in managing them;
  • it might also bring with it considerable expense in a number of areas, including your landlords insurance. That is an area where many landlords might wish to economise where possible;
  • yet it may also provide you with an opportunity because a property portfolio insurance quote might enable you to kill two birds with one stone;
  • the first big attraction is, it might work out to be more cost-effective for you than having a number of individual property policies. That is because by covering all of your properties on one policy through a single insurance provider, you are effectively able to exercise greater commercial leverage than if you are buying multiple individual policies with individual providers;
  • the second plus point is that it may considerably simplify your dealings with insurance providers because there will only be one involved, with one renewal date to remember.  That may reduce your administration overheads and allow you to spend rather more time where you wish to – i.e. in running your business not in managing your insurance;
  • at CIA Insurance we have considerable expertise in property portfolio cover and will be only too happy to share our knowledge further with you;
  • in order to be eligible for this type of policy, you may need to meet certain conditions including a minimum number of properties. Those conditions may vary from one provider to another and need to be looked at carefully to be sure that you are able to comply.

Of course, as is the case with any other form of property cover, it might make sense to compare your property portfolio quote to a number of individual policy options, in order to establish to your own satisfaction that it represents the best route for you going forward.

Given the potential benefits and savings involved, such a comparison would be an investment of time that is likely to prove to be well spent.



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