Finding the time for let property insurance quotes

December 27, 2012

Landlords Insurance

Unless you have a buy to let mortgage, in which case cover may be mandatory, having insurance cover for your let property may be something that you might consider to be an optional extra that in tight economic times you could do without.

The reality though is that landlords’ insurance may be essential for you to protect yourself against events that could otherwise spell financial disaster for you and your business. That might include;

  • covering the costs of repairing your property following it being damaged by an insured event such as a storm, fire, earthquake or flooding;
  • compensating you for loss of rental income if your tenants have to move out due to an insured event;
  • providing, as standard, cover for damage relating to subsidence or to malicious damage by your tenants;
  • covering all classes of tenant without excluding students or DSS claimants;
  • offering generous public liability cover in case you are sued by someone for damages relating to an injury to their person or damage to their property – that they consider to have been due to some element of your property;
  • providing the option to cover two or more properties under a multi property policy, which may work out to be a cost effective solution for your insurance needs as well as saving you time in administration tasks relating to a number of policies;
  • guaranteeing rental income in situations where you may be having problems with tenants who are not paying their rent and where you may be involved in a legal dispute with them – this may also include elements of your related legal costs;
  • at CIA Insurance we would welcome the opportunity of discussing cover options with you to provide you with that all essential peace of mind.

Finding the time to get some let property insurance quotes can help you ensure that you are purchasing a policy based on a sound understand of what is and is not covered.

Leaving something as important as this to chance, may be something that should be avoided at all costs.



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