Is everything in tip top order before winter hits us?

October 27, 2012

Landlords Insurance

Winter is on the horizon and already the air is full of the sounds of early marketing Christmas bells!

It is also a good idea to prepare for winter by having a quick think around some of the more obvious risks that it might pose for your property.


Every year there are a vast numbers of floods and leak related problems, simply because someone forgot to lag their external water pipes or those in their loft etc.

If you haven’t already made sure that all of your pipework is fully lagged, do so now before it is too late.


The spring and summer just past were one of the worst on record.  Torrential rain, cold temperatures and frequent gales may have wreaked havoc on your slates or tiles etc.

Check to make sure that everything is in order before yet more bad weather arrives in late autumn and through winter.

Gutters, valleys and downpipes

Autumn is one of the most efficient methods known to humanity for creating blockages in some of the above household areas.

The first you may know about this is when rainwater starts gushing out where it shouldn’t. So again, have a quick check and make sure everything is cleaned out and ready for the winter.

Boiler servicing 

In spite of the poor spring and summer this year, your boiler may have been under relatively light load.

Wintertime is going to put it under stress again, so make sure it has been serviced and is in tip top condition.  Remember that this may be a safety issue as much as economy and reliability.


Take a few minutes to quickly skim your position with respect to household insurance and make sure that all is in order. Check things like expiry dates and whether or not your policy is providing you with an adequate level of cover.

If you have any uncertainties, get to grips with a full buy to let insurance review. At CIA Insurance, our service may be able to help you in this respect.

Don’t discover any problems in this respect only when you are trying to make a claim!    



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