How to give your property kerb appeal on a budget

October 12, 2012

Landlord Information

Whether you are trying to sell your property or to let it, your buyers or tenants may form an almost instant impression as they arrive outside it for the first time.

If that impression is negative, it might be difficult or impossible to subsequently shift, however superb your property is on the inside.  So, here are a few thoughts about how to make the right sort of visual impression when someone arrives outside or is driving past for that first furtive look:

  1. right now the leaves are falling or have recently fallen and gutters are going to start getting blocked.  Make sure yours are cleaned out fully because rain pouring over the edge of a blocked gutter is a very bad first impression to make;
  2. get your garden tidy.  Potential buyers or tenants won’t welcome the prospect of needing to hack their way to your front door with a machete and nor does rubbish laying around in the garden get things off to the best visual start;
  3. invest in some exterior painting. Flaking window frames and rusting downpipes can create a very hostile impression and make people wonder just what the inside of your property is like.  There may decide not to bother finding out;
  4. if appropriate, get your own car off your driveway so viewers can easily park.  If they have to drive aimlessly around the streets for 30 minutes trying to find somewhere to park, you can be sure that they’re going to start to ask questions about whether this is somewhere they wish to live;
  5. get some clean, tidy and the uniform curtains up at the windows. Dirty, tatty curtains or broken blinds hanging down at odd angles, can be a huge turn-off to potential viewers;
  6. make sure that all light fittings are working, modern (or clearly antiques) and clean. That is important overall and is particularly critical for those which might be visible from the outside of your property;
  7. repair any old damage. If you had appropriate landlords buildings insurance then significant areas of damage should, hopefully, have been covered and repaired at the time.  If, for whatever reason, it was not, it needs to be attended to now.  Sight of things such as damage to brickwork or roofs, will simply get people driving straight past your property and on to somewhere else.

With the possible exception of the final point, none of the above should cost you any significant cash.

Yet they might make all the difference between you creating the right or wrong impression.



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