Time to give your property an MOT

September 3, 2012

Landlords Insurance

Mother Nature didn’t deliver us much of a spring or summer this year and already we are seeing the first signs of autumn in the air.

It might be nice to think that the winter period will be correspondingly mild as compensation for the poor summer but it might be risky to count on that.  So, it may be time to start thinking about a few jobs to prepare your property for the bad weather ahead.

Water disposal

Autumn leaves can easily choke gutters and drains.  Keep these clear until such time as the dropping leaf season has passed.

In passing, if you are not happy at height then don’t risk life and limb balancing on ladders.  Get help.

It might also be worthwhile checking external drains and fat traps if you have them.

They can easily get clogged with soap and other detritus from your house and need to be kept clear if you are to avoid floods during the rains of autumn and winter.

Water barriers

Certain parts of your property are specially designed to try and keep water out.

Examples include lead flashings around chimneys, door and window seals plus damp proof courses etc.

Check these all carefully for things such as signs of deterioration or the accumulation of soil and plants against walls that has risen above the damp proof course etc.


Sometimes homeowners forget that the primary purpose of paint on external woodwork is to protect it rather than simply make it look bright and pretty.

Check all wooden external surfaces for signs of flaking and deteriorating paint and if you see them, do something about it!

Fire prevention and detection

Wintertime brings with it an increase in heating requirements and depending upon your systems, it may also lead to a commensurate increase in fire risk.

Make sure that your chimneys have been swept if you are using open fires and that all appropriate safety measures are in place.

If you are using combustion systems, such as gas boilers, fitting fume detectors is highly advisable and you must ensure that all flues and ventilations are clear and open.

Whatever systems you are using, smoke detectors are also a common sense safety precaution.

If you check your landlords buildings insurance quote or policy, you may find that some components of the above are stipulated as being mandatory requirements if cover is to be maintained.

If you are in any doubt at all about the insurance requirements for such things, here at CIA Insurance we would be only too happy to clarify.

Of course, we are not qualified to give overall safety and weather protection advice on property, so if you require help in that domain, you should seek a duly qualified expert.




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