Making your property look attractive to prospective tenants

August 11, 2012

Landlords Insurance

It can be relatively easy to lose prospective tenants within just a few minutes of a viewing commencing.  Surprisingly, that can sometimes happen before the tenants have even set foot on your property.

Here are a few things to think about, if you would like prospective tenants to actually make the decision to come inside and have a look around rather than run for the hills when they first see your property from the kerbside:

  • keep the exterior looking fresh and clean.  The first part of a property that catches a potential tenants’ eye is the externals of the bricks and mortar.  Rusty drainpipes with paint flaking off, window frames with little or no paint on them or brickwork covered in moss, fungus and ivy, are all things that you may find put people off before they have even got out of their car;
  • get your garden sorted.  Once a quick scan has shown your property to look basically tidy outside, the next thing potential tenants will look at is typically the garden and external areas.  Weeds, stinging nettles, overgrown paths, gates hanging off and so on, are all major turn-offs.  Even worse are rusting old bikes or other detritus being stored in the garden area;
  • remove builder’s materials.  Few things may be more off-putting than piles of bricks, cement mixers and scaffolding poles all laying around outside a property.  They might, if you’re lucky, be positively interpreted as a sign that work is being done inside to keep the property to a high standard, however, they are more likely to be seen as being indications that there are problems in and around the property;
  • window dressing.  If all else looks OK from the outside, the last thing that might risk frightening prospective viewers off before they come in the front door are tatty curtains and broken blinds being visible from the windows.  They suggest that the property is poorly maintained or possibly unoccupied – neither of which is necessarily reassuring.  Of course, if your property is unoccupied, don’t forget that you may need an unoccupied property insurance quote.

None of the above things are exactly rocket science.  They are all relatively easily fixed and in most cases probably without the need for significant expenditure.

If your property is one that is in a larger building which has multiple-occupancy, make sure that you work effectively with other property owners in order to maintain any external areas where there is shared responsibility.

If you fail to do so, you may struggle to get potential tenants to give the internals of your property a chance.



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