Why should you buy our multi property insurance?

May 12, 2012

Landlords Insurance

If you are a landlord with a number of letting properties then your life may be hectic enough with your regular management and maintenance chores, without the additional hassle of managing separate insurance policies for each of those properties.

Using our internet or telephone services to help you select a multi property insurance policy:

  • may offer you a time and effort saving alternative, as you may only have one renewal date to remember and one point of contact to deal with;
  • may offer opportunities to benefit from discounts available on multi property policies, which may be available to you if you have as few as two properties that you wish to set up cover for;
  • you may wish to remember, when looking for the best property portfolio insurance, that what might be best for one landlord may not be best for you. If you prefer to let to a wide range of tenant types, for example, then the best policy for you may be one that does not exclude certain categories (e.g.) students from cover;
  • it may be possible to obtain cover for all risks with a policy which provides cover for subsidence, as standard, in addition to other risks such as fires, flooding, earthquakes, vandalism, storms and the like;
  • landlord house insurance may also provide you with loss of rental income cover if one of your properties is damaged by one of the insured events like a fire or flooding and your tenants have to move out while you arrange for repairs to be carried out;
  • policies for your portfolio may also cover malicious damage by tenants, which may happen no matter how carefully you follow up on tenant references;
  • being sued for damages by a member of the public or one of your tenants, as a result of injuries that they have suffered, may be something that could potentially happen to any landlord. A portfolio policy that can provide public liability cover up to £5m may help safeguard your finances and in certain circumstances may cover legal expenses as well – whether or not the case is found against you.


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