Getting your property ready for letting

May 3, 2012

Landlords Insurance

Having potentially invested a fair sum in your buy to let property, you may be facing the prospect of additional spend to ensure:

  • that your property is ready to be let out and is in a condition which may hopefully allow you to maximise your rental income revenue;
  • that you have adequate insurance in place to protect your new asset.

Getting the property ready

Whether you are getting your property ready for letting out in summer or indeed at any other time of year, there are a number of tasks that you may need to undertake to ensure both the comfort and safety of your tenants and the safety and condition of your property.

There are regulations regarding the maintenance and servicing of appliances in the property and this may be particularly important for gas appliances like central heating boilers, water heaters, cookers and fires. As a landlord you may have to ensure that they are serviced by a qualified engineer at the start of each tenancy and at least annually thereafter.

If your property is furnished then any fabrics used for soft furnishings and upholstery may have to be certified as being fire retardant.

Everything in the property should be clean and in good working order. Spending some time in redecorating to freshen up paintwork etc, can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your property and is likely to be a plus factor for any tenant.

Regular external maintenance

With summer approaching and the demands on central heating boilers and heaters hopefully reducing, it may be the ideal time to plan for their maintenance and don’t forget to inspect all associated pipe runs.

Other tasks like ensuring that drains and gutters are clear and water free-flowing should ideally be carried out on a regular basis and particularly at the end of autumn when fallen leaves may be an issue.

Insurance considerations

When it comes to protecting your property with adequate insurance, getting a let property insurance quote or two may allow you the chance to compare what’s on offer before making a purchasing decision.

Bear in mind too though that unless you are very lucky there may be times when your property may be standing empty for extended periods of time.

Check your policy to find out at what stage you may need to purchase unoccupied property cover. Leave yourself some time to select the best unoccupied property insurance for your requirements because what may be best for another landlord may not be best for you.



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