All about cheap insurance for landlords

April 19, 2012

Landlords Insurance

It may not be too unusual to see advertisements for cheap insurance for landlords.

Attractive they may be, yet it may be advisable to keep a few points in mind.

Landlord insurance – not just a cost

Try to keep in mind when looking at these sort of advertisements that while you may regard your landlord cover to be nothing more than a cost in fact, it is perhaps more important to remember that it is there as a protection.

Your objective, as a landlord, should be to consider your insurance as something that is a form of financial protection for your business should the worst happen in property terms.

In the event that it did, your business focus would most certainly not be on how much you have been paying for your policy over the years but rather how quickly and adequately it could step in to assist you.


This might indicate that reviewing your policy choices based upon one criterion (cost) but potentially eventually needing to use your policy against other criteria altogether (breadth and depth of cover) might be inconsistent.

It may be rather more sensible to review a buy to let insurance quote based not upon its claims or otherwise of cheapness but instead upon the quality of cover it is providing.

If you don’t adopt an approach to evaluating insurance that is broad-based, you may run the risk, in the context of an insurance claim, of discovering the old truth that what may have appeared cheap for someone else has not worked out to be cheap for you.

Advertising licence

It might also pay to remember that headline prices quoted in advertisements may be based upon illustrative circumstances that might simply not apply in all cases and possibly not in yours.

In the final analysis, the only way to be sure about the price you may end up paying for your cover, is to go through the full quotation process.

So, whilst cheap insurance for landlords may be an understandable objective to think about, it might be advisable to focus a little more strongly on the practicalities of what your money will be buying you.



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