What makes a policy the best landlords buildings insurance?

March 1, 2012

Landlords Insurance

Adverts for products proclaiming to be the best landlords buildings insurance may be very appealing to you but before you make any decisions about buying a policy, you may benefit from considering just what you mean by best and whether this matches what is being offered in the ad.

For example:

  • how much provision is there in the policy for public liability cover – some policies may be able to provide up to £5m;
  • is financial protection against subsidence included as standard in the policy – not all buy to let insurance policies may include this these days but given the amount of damage that subsidence may cause, it may be something that you feel strongly about;
  • what sort of landlords cover is on offer for situations where your tenants may have to move out while you carry out repairs on damaged caused by an insured event like a fire or flooding etc – some landlord house insurance policies may offer loss of rental income cover up to agreed limits;
  • are there any deals to be had if you are the landlord of a number of properties – some providers may offer property portfolio insurance, which may attract a discount and this may be a cost advantageous way for you to provide cover for all of your properties and help to reduce your paperwork into the bargain (this may typically be available if you have three or more properties but some providers may be able to provide this for you even if you have just two);
  • if you have a number of properties, you may also let to a number of different types of tenant so you may appreciate landlords insurance that does not exclude categories like students, DSS recipients or immigrants for example;
  • providers of buy to let cover may appreciate that what may be the best landlords insurance for you may not be the best solution for another landlord so no two policies are likely to be the same;
  • taking some time to find your best landlords buildings insurance by comparing what is on offer rather than just buying the first policy you see may help you to ensure that your needs and your property are adequately covered.


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