Identifying the best property portfolio insurance

February 8, 2012

Landlords Insurance

Owning a number of buy to let properties may mean that your days may be hectic enough without also having to think about the ensuring that you have all of your insurance options in place. Finding the best property portfolio insurance may be something that we may be able to help you with.

A multi-property insurance policy may be appropriate for you if you have a least a couple of properties and you may find that, as well as the obvious administration savings, there may be useful premium discounts available into the bargain

If one of your properties is standing empty for some reason, then you may still need to consider unoccupied property cover.  For some policies this may mean that if the vacant period extends beyond 30 or perhaps 45 days then your policy may cease to provide you with cover.  If your property has not had tenants in it since you took out your insurance policy then this period may be extended to 90 days in some circumstances.

The reasons that your property may be vacant are not the issue when it comes to this type of insurance cover.  You may be:

  • having problems finding new tenants;
  • on the point of carrying our renovations or refurbishment which might take some time;
  • having some legal issues which are preventing you from letting your property.

This requirement arises due to the fact that some of the risks that your property may face change when it is unoccupied.

Problems that may cause little or no damage with tenants there to spot them may become more serious if left unattended.  Signs that a property is empty may also attract the unwelcome attention of thieves or vandals.

Bear in mind too that the terms and conditions attached to this type of cover may be very different to those pertaining to standard buy to let cover – particularly relating to steps that you may be required to take regarding the security of your property.

When looking for landlord house insurance you may be able to contact us online as well as by telephone and we will be only too pleased to try to help you find what you may end up considering to be the best property portfolio insurance.



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