Accreditation schemes for landlords

February 3, 2012

Landlords Insurance

There is an accreditation scheme that has been created for landlords who maintain their properties and keep them in a good condition, it is also for landlord who want to know how to do this.

Below you can find out how they can benefit landlords and tenants.

How do the accreditation scheme work?

The landlord accreditation schemes aim to:

  •  Help landlords to operate successful businesses
  • Provide tenants with safer, higher – quality accommodation
  • Reduce the need for intervention from local authorities*

Local authority housing or environmental health departments run most of the accreditation schemes. Other organisations may also run some of the schemes, for example if it is student accommodation the university may have a scheme.

Your properties must be in fantastic condition if you want to become an accredited landlord, they must be well maintained and managed well.

When you join the scheme you must follow the code of conduct and then after you have joined you will be recognised officially as a good landlord by your local authority.

All schemes are voluntary, when you have joined up the benefits they offer are fantastic and will help you to rent out your property.

 What are the types of accreditation schemes?

There are two types of accreditation schemes but most join the two types together.

The first type of scheme is for checking the landlord who is managing the property and the second type is to check the condition of the property.

Your past properties will also be checked to see how well maintained they were.

There are certain standards you are expected to reach and to keep to so you can become an accredited landlord. Your local authority who runs the scheme in your area will set their standards but they may vary depending on the authority.

Some authorities like to set their standards high straight away, but others like to raise standards gradually over a period of time.

Before the tenants move into your property, all necessary repairs must be done and your tenants must be notified of the properties utility suppliers.

All details of every property you put forward must be supplied, including properties that are operated by the local authority, a University or any other organisation.

Where do you find information about accreditation schemes in your area?

By contacting your local council you can find out more details on how to become and an accredited landlord.

Also for the private rented sector there is ANUK (Accreditation network UK) which promotes accreditation in this area.

In Northern Ireland you need to contact the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE).

In part two, Who can join the accreditation scheme and why landlords should join.

*Information from Direct Gov

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