Sorting out your landlord house insurance

January 6, 2012

Landlords Insurance

Getting your landlord house insurance sorted out may be made just a bit easier if you use on online specialist site, such as ours, where you can get a quote and select a policy to match your needs. An online let property insurance service, backed up by a team of experts at the end of the telephone too if you need help or assistance, may prove invaluable and again, we offer this.

There may be quite a few options open to you and the policy that makes most sense may typically be based on factors such as:

  • the property being let on an unfurnished or furnished basis;
  • the value of your property;
  • the type of tenants that you have.


In addition though there may be a number of other features which may be on offer.

Multi property cover

If you let out a number of properties, you may be interested in a single specially tailored multi property policy.

This may be a more cost effective option for you and may also help save you the time and effort involved in having to deal with individual landlords policies.

Loss of rental income

There may be a number of situations where you may experience loss of rental income:

  • your property may be damaged by an insured event and your tenants may have to move out for what might be an extended period of time while repairs are carried out – landlords loss of rental income cover may be able to compensate you in these circumstances;
  • you may be in dispute with your tenant and they fall in to rent arrears – rent guarantee insurance may be available to provide  cover for this kind of situation up to certain maximum monthly limits.


Public liability

Buy to let landlord insurance may typically contain, as standard, public liability cover to provide you with financial protection if you were to be sued for damages relating to your property.

What may not be standard though is the level of cover provided. There are some landlord house insurance policies which may be able to provide up to £5m of cover.

Unoccupied property cover

If your property is standing empty for an extended period then your landlord house insurance policy may cease to provide cover and you may need to consider cheap unoccupied property insurance cover.

This cover is specifically targeted at the types of risk that may arise when your property has no tenants, like the increased risk of thieves and vandals striking or an unnoticed problem causing extensive damage when left over time.

When selecting this type of cover you may find that there may be different pricing options relating to the different levels of landlords cover on offer and you may wish to bear in mind that what may be a cheap policy for you may not be so considered by another landlord.

The actual time period after which unoccupied property cover may be needed may vary depending on your landlord house insurance cover but may typically range from 30 to 45 days.




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