How should you handle anti – social behaviour as a tenant?

January 4, 2012

Landlord Information

How should you handle anti – social behaviour as a tenant?

 If you are experiencing anti – social behaviour you may not need to go to court or contact your landlord about it.

 You could write a letter to your neighbour or if you feel comfortable you could talk to them in person. Your neighbour might not even know they are causing a nuisance.

 If, after talking to your neighbour the behaviour carries on you should then go to your landlord. If your landlord doesn’t want to know you can then go to your local council who will then issue your landlord with an anti – social behaviour notice (ABN). This legal document tells your landlord to do something about the behaviour that is giving you grief.

What happens when your landlord doesn’t take action?

 Your local council can make a special interim management order, if your landlord chooses not to take any action.

 The special interim management order is used to stop anti – social behaviour happening in or around a house. The property is still owned by the landlord but any management of the home is taken over by the local authority to help stop the anti – social behaviour.

 A ‘selective licensing scheme’ is used when there is more than one house in an area causing anti – social behaviour. Landlords must prove they are meeting certain minimum standards by having a license.

Contacting council and housing association landlords.

 The person/people who may be causing the anti – social behaviour might have a local authority or housing association landlord, if they do you must contact them.

 To help fix the behaviour problem they will use an acceptable behaviour contract. This is an agreement which they set up with whoever is causing the problem, usually it tells them if they continue with the anti – social behaviour further action will be taken.

 If the neighbour had been issued with an ABC and they choose to ignore the warning given to them, the social landlord can get a court order to stop their anti – social behaviour or if the behaviour is serious the tenant can be removed from the property.

Coming up – How to deal with anti – social behaviour when you are a landlord.



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