A quick summary of let property insurance quotes

December 27, 2011

Landlords Insurance

Here are some of the key points to keep in mind, relating to let property insurance quotes:


  • formal landlord insurance may be obligatory if you are letting out your property – if you are changing the use of property from owner-occupied to rented (or part rented) then you may typically need to obtain let property insurance quotes as soon as possible;


  • the cover outlined by let property insurance quotes may not be significantly different, superficially, to that seen in a standard owner-occupier domestic policy – elements such as buildings, contents and third party liability, may all be included (contents cover may not be required if, for example, you are renting out your property on an unfurnished basis);


  • as is typically the case with any form of insurance, your quotation may refer to other associated documents such as the actual landlords buildings insurance cover policy itself. Prior to accepting a quotation, therefore, it may be highly advisable to find the time to study any other documentation referred to by the quotation, with specific emphasis on the main policy;


  • although the prospect of reading through what may appear to be the minutiae of a policy may be intimidating, it is important to concentrate specifically on the policy’s terms and conditions as these may, amongst other things, define responsibilities that you the policyholder may need to comply with if you are to avoid putting your insurance cover at risk;


  • examples of such points might include things such as you needing to comply with all prevailing gas equipment safety regulations and inspection requirements etc;


  • some insurers may be only too painfully aware of the background economic situation and the need for landlords to maintain a ruthlessly tight control over their costs, as a result, some may be rather better than others at offering scope for premium reductions if you take certain steps such as agreeing to a higher excess or fitting burglar alarms to your property etc;


  • getting hold of online quotations is now typically straightforward, however, if you do not have easy access to the internet some companies such as ourselves may also offer telephone services support;


  • remember that your landlords insurance quotation will be based upon information you provide, so if that information changes between the time you apply for the quotation and your purchase of the policy, you must remember to inform your insurer and potentially obtain some further let property insurance quotes.


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