What does landlords contents insurance cover?

December 15, 2011

Landlords Insurance

As we are approaching the time of year when we start to think about celebrations, presents and spending money, it may be natural to also start to wonder just what protection we have for some of the contents we already own – in other words, what does landlords contents insurance cover?


If you are looking at a buy to let insurance quote, you may find it includes:


  • landlords buildings cover – this is a classic form of protection aimed at the structure of your property and those things that will typically be regarded as fixtures and fittings (though exactly what that means may vary from one policy to another and it may be worth reading the detail carefully);


  • third party liability, the form of financial protection that may be required if you are sued for losses, injuries or damages arising as a result of your property being held responsible for the cause;


  • contents cover – which, although apparently self-explanatory, may be an area where there are significant differences between individual policies;


  • if your property is furnished to a very high-level, including extensive accessories, it may be advisable to be sure that the maximum payout level of the policy is an amount that will realistically allow you to replace the totality of your furnishings in the event of a disaster (e.g. fire etc);


  • some policies may, for various reasons, exclude certain types of contents – there may be significant variation here between policies but you may find that items such as electronic gadgets, music systems, portable telephones, PCs and laptops plus perhaps telephony systems, may be examples of such;


  • although it may be unlikely to be the case, if you ask what does landlords contents insurance cover of many policies, you may find that they do not include your higher-value items stored on the premises such as chequebooks, credit cards or jewellery;


  • note that there may be a significant difference between cover for your contents and those of your tenants – an area that should be explored and discussed in detail with them;


  • the only certain way to obtain a detailed answer to the question, what does landlords contents insurance cover, is to look carefully at both your buy to let insurance quote and its supporting policy documentation;


  • it is typically a good idea, if you have any concerns or questions, to speak to your insurance provider in advance of making your final purchasing decision – that applies also in the case of questions such as, what does landlords contents insurance cover.


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