Are you interested in cheap landlords buildings insurance?

December 11, 2011

CIA Insurance Info

There may not be too many landlords who would answer the above question relating to cheap landlords buildings insurance negatively!

It is a fact of life that there are some things that few people enjoy spending money on and insurance is typically one of them.

So, almost anything advertised as cheap landlords buildings insurance may succeed in grabbing our attention and get us comparing the advertised ticket price with what we are currently paying.

There may be nothing wrong with that and it may also be the case that it would be sensible to consider any such advertisements seriously, however, it may be necessary to avoid becoming too diverted into price considerations alone.

Landlords typically understand that their let property insurance may be all that stands between them and financial ruin in the event that they suffer some form of serious misfortune to their property.  Those misfortunes may come in many shapes and sizes and have their origins in widely differing situations.

Suitable landlords insurance will provide you with a degree of comfort that you have a wide range of cover for such circumstances – but that may be entirely independent of the price of the policy.

A classic example of this may be obtained by thinking about subsidence.

This is a problem, which may in some situations prove to be catastrophic and result in the need for either vastly expensive repair to your building or possibly its demolition and rebuilding.

Yet you may be surprised or even shocked to know that not all landlords buildings insurance necessarily includes subsidence protection, as standard, in its cover.

If you are concerned about the risks of subsidence then you may wish to ensure that this cover is included in your policy, irrespective of whether the policy is a little more expensive than another which does not include such cover.

There are two messages that may come out of this:

  • evaluating insurance based upon its price alone, may be an unwise course to follow and a focus on the cover provided may be far more appropriate;
  • whatever any advertisements may claim, what may prove to be cheap landlords buildings insurance for some landlords may not meet your requirements or prove to be cheap for you.


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