Hints on Tips on what you can do to protect your home this winter

November 28, 2011

Landlord Information

After having a very mild October/November the temperature seems to be taking a drop as we hit December. Here are a few hints and tips on how you can protect your home from freeze and escape of water, theft, storms and fire.

Freeze and escape of water

  • If you are going out for the day, leave the heating on but leave it on a low setting (ideally around 15c)
  • You must know where the stopcock is in your home so you can stop the water supply in an emergency, if you are renting from a landlord make sure they have told you all necessary information.
  • You must check that your pipes and heater/water tanks are insulated and you lag the pipes in the loft.
  • To prevent pipes from bursting, lag the outside water taps.
  • Plumbing joints that are plastic will degrade sooner than metal ones, make sure you keep an eye out for any signs of water.
  • If you are going away over the Christmas period maybe consider draining down your plumbing and heating system. Always seek professional advise with this.


  • Make sure you have burglar alarms fitted on your property, technology has moved quite far and now you can have alarms that dials a programmed number such as your mobile phone so if you are out or away you will be notified straight away that your property may have been broken into.
  • Having strong external doors are recommended, a lot of properties now have a five leaver mortice deadlock and/or extra sliding bolts for extra protection and to improve the security. If you don’t have any of these you would be making a wise investment by purchasing them.
  • Never leave a spare key around in the most obvious place, and only tell the people who need to know where it is!


  • You should regularly check the condition of your property, if you rent your landlord should keep on top of this. Pay attention to all the roofs including garage, shed and flat roofs for signs of water and tear. If there is a heavy snow fall during the winter this adds extra weight pressure onto the roofs so these must be stable.
  • It is important to keep gutters, gullies and drains clear as any water that flows into them may become trapped, this then leads to flooding and if the water freezes burst pipes.
  • Cutting back low hanging tree branches may prevent damage in extreme high winds.


  • One of the main items to have in your property to protect you from fire is a properly functioning smoke detector. This alerts you in the early stages of a fire which then gives you enough time to get out of your property and make an escape.
  • Never leave candles unattended, especially near fabrics and flammable items.
  • Never leave a chip pan unattended, if the pan is giving off smoke do NOT put food into the pan.
  • If you own electric blankets make sure they have a safety check every three years and always switch them off before you get into bed.

If you follow these hints and tips you will be protecting yourselves and your families especially over the Christmas period.


Source- Ageas

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