Where do I find cheap insurance for landlords?

November 19, 2011

Landlords Insurance

Through our services, we aim to help you to find a cost-effective solution for your given set of landlord requirements. However, that may be significantly different to setting out to try and find cheap insurance for landlords.
Balancing protection versus cost
Should you be unlucky enough to suffer misfortune resulting in you needing to make a claim on your landlord insurance policy, you will be 100 percent focused on the detail of what cover your policy provides.  It is unlikely that, in such circumstances, you will be analysing how much your policy costs you.

If this seems a slightly glib statement, it may be useful in illustrating a key point about landlord insurance – that is that such insurance exists to protect a major financial investment (or investments) and it should be the cover provided by a policy that is a landlords’ primary concern, rather than the cost of the policy.

Of course, cost and economy is typically a major factor in any decision-making process but choosing the cheapest insurance without knowing whether or not it offers you adequate protection, may be a very risky approach.

Essentially, what is cheap for one person, may not be cheap for another.

Where policies may differ


For example, a policy aimed at providing cheap insurance for landlords may or may not provide cover for things such as:

  • subsidence;
  • malicious damage or theft by tenants;
  • a contribution towards the loss of rental income that may arise in circumstances where you are forced to move tenants out due to an insured risk;
  • all categories of tenants (including those such as students and DSS which may be excluded from some policies).

It may be the case that a policy giving cheap insurance for landlords actually provides excellent cover, including in the above categories.

The point is though, if it does not, is this something that you would prefer to discover only at the time you were trying to make a claim?
A balanced approach to policy selection

Rather than simply scanning and searching for buy to let insurance based upon the cheapest price tag, a more risk-managed approach might be to sit back and carefully think about the risks you face and the minimum cover you believe will be required to protect your asset and to provide you with peace of mind.

The outcome of such deliberations may be different from one landlord to another and you may also benefit from advice and assistance which we would be only too happy to offer.

Thinking about cost-effective and suitable insurance may be a more realistic approach than simply searching for cheap insurance for landlords.



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