What to expect from a landlords insurance quote

November 3, 2011

Landlords Insurance

It is the time of year when we are typically trying to finish preparing our properties for the approaching winter season.  Logically enough, thinking of the challenges that winter sometimes poses, may lead us into thoughts regarding the protection of our investment and obtaining a landlords insurance quote.

I don’t need one


Of course, landlords may typically already have some form of landlords insurance in place.  Perhaps this may lead some to think that their days of looking for quotations are now safely behind them.

If so, that may be a pity.

The fact is that for many landlords the business environment remains tough and it may be advisable to constantly monitor things such as cost and value for money.

That applies to landlords insurance as much as anything else.  Therefore, even if you are reasonably satisfied with your existing insurance, there may be grounds for periodically investing a very little of your time checking to see what other options the market has to offer.
A landlords insurance quote

Today, it is typically straightforward to obtain a number of quotations so as to compare your options and find one that is both suitable and cost-effective.

Through our service, we may be able to assist you with this and allow you to see a selection of options from leading insurers.

The detail of a landlords insurance quote will, as you might expect, vary depending upon the insurer and the individual policy.  Even so, you may typically find that a quotation may be able to cover:

  • buildings, fixtures and fittings;
  • contents;
  • third party liability cover.

Some selected policies may also be able to offer additional cover in areas such as:

  • malicious damage by tenants including theft;
  • subsidence;
  • accidental damage to your buildings;
  • discounts when insuring several properties under a property portfolio insurance policy;
  • landlords cover for all types of tenants, whereas some policies may exclude some types of tenants possibly including groups such as DSS and students.

What’s in it for you?
The objective of any responsible provider of insurance solutions is to try and ensure that the policyholder has cover that provides them with adequate financial protection and at a price that they believe to be value for money.

Although your existing landlords cover may strike you as being perfectly adequate, it is only by comparing it against other options that you may be able to verify that assumption.

We would welcome the opportunity of helping you check this.  If you compare a landlords insurance quote against your current policy, you may find that your existing cover is fine for you.  On the other hand, if the quotation gives you cause for thought, then you have the opportunity to change your insurance.



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