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November 2, 2011

CIA Insurance Info

Landlords Insurance for DSS Tenants

There is a wealth of properties available to rent these days, so landlords may be required to be more flexible as to who they let their property to.

As a landlord you may be offered Department of Social Services tenants, a type of tenant that doesn’t enjoy the greatest of reputations. In fact, many landlords refuse to house DSS tenants because of the increased complexities involved in receiving payments and because, due to a minority of tenants, they can be considered to be ‘difficult’ tenants.

However, an important point to remember is that landlords insurance for DSS tenants is available, which can cover (in amongst many other things) late or missed payments.

CIA DSS Tenants Insurance Cover

Given the potential problems that DSS tenants can pose for landlords and the fact that they are considered to be higher risk because they tend to spend more time at the property, it can be more difficult to obtain a let property insurance quote. This is where we can help.

CIA Insurance specialises in insurance for DSS tenants and with a panel of leading insurers behind us we can offer low excesses and great rates covering all of the basics such as landlords buildings insurancelandlords contents insurancerent guarantee and public liability risks.

We can also offer full accidental damage cover and insurance for houses in multiple occupation (HMO).



We hope you found this information useful. Please remember to use CIA Insurance when you or your family and friends need motorcycle insurance, landlords insurance or commercial insurance.

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